Common Ground Corporate Hustle (Official Album)

Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Updates

We know its been awhile, but we want all of you, the fans, to know that we are working super hard to bring you the hottest music. We are currently working on 4 projects right now. The official Common Ground mixtape will be released sometime in the spring due to certain issues. However, Joe Smoke's solo mixtape,"Prisoner Of My Own Mind" will be released in early February. Rankstar and T.I.G. are also working extra hard on their current mixtapes. In the meantime, listen to your favorite tunes on

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Studio Session

Our most recent studio session went exceptionally well. It's always fun when the three of us get together, but this time we got to work with some other artists and engineers who are on the same level as us.

A huge shoutout to The OddballClick and 6 Feet Deep Studios. We also ended up with some crazy collaborations. As much as I would love to leak a song, I can't. But I promise you, this album will restore faith to many that hip-hop is indeed, alive, and well.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

PSU Exposed

In accordance with the last few days, Penn State University has taken a turn for the worst, and in my personal opinion (Joe Smoke), things are going to get a lot worse before they get any better.

First off, the only victims here are the children. If you feel anyone else is a victim, your morals, and general understanding of life are now deemed questionable. The guilt lies in several places and it goes from bottom to top.

I blame the parents for not stepping up.

I blame McQueary for being a little bitch and running to daddy instead of the authorities.

I blame Joe Pa for not following up after filing the initial report.

I blame Curley and Spanier for worrying about money more than humanity.

And most of all, Sandusky's reason's for blame are obvious. There are no words to describe how much pain and suffering I feel he should endure to compensate for what happened to those vicitims.

Students, I totally understand your disdain for Joe Pa's firing. But your riot did absolutely nothing to help the cause. Your school's image has been forever tainted. I understand that the media has negatively portrayed the school. WHY ADD FUEL TO THE FIRE??? Your shenanigans did absolutely nothing to help last night. There are several other methods of showing your support that could have been utilized.

And's only gonna get worse, more victims are gonna be brought to the light, and the NCAA will begin investigations for every little thing.

Be prepared!!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Prisoner of My Own Mind

In our ongoing efforts to bring you all classic music, we, Common Ground, have decided to venture off and do our own individual mixtapes. THE GROUP IS NOT BREAKING UP!!! We just want to use this opportunity to let our fans know us better on an individual basis. Joe Smoke will be the first to release his mixtape entitiled,
Prisoner Of My Own Mind

"I've always been an extremely talented artist, but I always felt I could dig deeper. I wanna say the things I want to say and tell the stories I want to tell." --- Joe Smoke

For this mixtape, Joe Smoke plans to show his versatility and hopefully to appeal to everyone. "On this project I plan to talk about love, life, a good time, a bad time, my persoanl struggles with depression, and what music means to me," said Joe Smoke

Release Date and Artwork coming soon.